Monthly Archives: June 2011

[Translate] MCK student volunteers go above and beyond not just cooking in our kitchen but making there mark in the community as young leaders and making a difference in the lives of people around them;  from Cerina Hernandez, Samatha Roccapriore, Cristian Torres and Brandon Cave. Today marks the end of  Brandon […]

MCK student Volunteer reign comes to and end

[Translate] My City Kitchen Board of Directors and staff would like to congratulate one of our teen Volunteers Ms. Samantha Roccapriore (second from left) on being named Wilcox Technical High School Valedictorian. Samantha is a wonderful young lady and hard worker, she’s very intellegent and makes a great ambassador. We are very proud […]

MCK Student Volunteer named Valedictorian

[Translate] My City Kitchen partnered with Keiosk on “Hey My Kid Can Cook”. Take a moment to learn about  there  mission: Empowering parents through shared knowledge, information and resources to improve parental involvement and the enrichment of the lives of all our children. Click to watch the full video.

Hey My Kid can Cook