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  • Happy Student = Happy Parent

    Date: 2015.10.14 | Category: Special Events | Response: 0

    BIG Thanks to all the parents for their kind words about the impact MCK is making in their children lives. Here’s another testimony.

    Through every class I get to sit down and watch. I see my son Noel grow more and more. He has become more confident in himself and the things he is capable of creating with Chef Kashia’s directions and mentoring. I’m very thankful and fortunate to have found a place like My City Kitchen where my son can feel at home.

    Keep up the great work MCK

    Ms. Shawnday Carrasquillo.


  • Meriden Farmer’s Market

    Date: 2015.10.12 | Category: Special Events | Response: 0

    Meriden Farmer’s Market

    cooking demonstration

    63 Cedar Street 9:00am – 12:00noon

    On Saturday October 24, 2015 MCK graduate Alex Woodworth will be cooking some delicious food at the Meriden Farmer’s Market. This Event is FREE, come join in on the fun, music, food, live DJ and many activities for the children.


  • Parent Testimony

    Date: 2015.10.10 | Category: Special Events | Response: 0

    We are always thankful to our parents when we hear good reports of students taking what they have learned and applying it in the home.  Way to go Jaden!!!

    Dear Chef Kashia and MyCity Kitchen,

    My daughter Jaden is a sweet natured almost 12 year old girl who besides Star Wars , her other hobby is she LOVES to cook !!! She sits and watches Gordon Ramsey and thinks he is just amazing! and will watch the re runs, marathons etc .. Any cooking show that’s on show she pretty much will watch .. We joke around and one of her nicknames is Jado Alfredo …. It suits her .  She started your cooking classes and absolutely loves it! She comes home and tapes up recipes over the stove and has every measuring cup out , measuring spoon you name it and is always baking and making all these different recipes and brings the neighbors all this stuff. It’s a thing now with our street they call her chef Jaden and are always asking what she’s making . I have to get use to looking at my almost 12 year old standing there with a bottle of white wine in her hand  and gut reaction is ” what do u think your doing with that???” And she’s putting it in a measuring cup because recipe calls for it … It’s unbelievable to me at her age she is that into cooking and loves it so much and takes it so seriously . At that age I think I knew how to make toast and scrambled eggs lol . I am so very proud of her and love seeing her get excited about what she’s doing and her love for cooking and don’t get me wrong  I really don’t mind sampling the results either because she whips up some pretty tasty dishes ! Just wanted to share a few words on my daughter Jaden  I am so proud of her and hope she keeps up the great work she’s been doing  and what she loved doing .
    Thank you so much.

    Ms. Siobhan Bazinet



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