Dear Chef Kashia and MyCity Kitchen,

My daughter Jaden is a sweet natured almost 12 year old girl who besides Star Wars , her other hobby is she LOVES to cook !!! She sits and watches Gordon Ramsey and thinks he is just amazing! and will watch the re runs, marathons etc .. Any cooking show that’s on show she pretty much will watch .. We joke around and one of her nicknames is Jado Alfredo …. It suits her .  She started your cooking classes and absolutely loves it! She comes home and tapes up recipes over the stove and has every measuring cup out , measuring spoon you name it and is always baking and making all these different recipes and brings the neighbors all this stuff. It’s a thing now with our street they call her chef Jaden and are always asking what she’s making . I have to get use to looking at my almost 12 year old standing there with a bottle of white wine in her hand  and gut reaction is ” what do u think your doing with that???” And she’s putting it in a measuring cup because recipe calls for it … It’s unbelievable to me at her age she is that into cooking and loves it so much and takes it so seriously . At that age I think I knew how to make toast and scrambled eggs lol . I am so very proud of her and love seeing her get excited about what she’s doing and her love for cooking and don’t get me wrong  I really don’t mind sampling the results either because she whips up some pretty tasty dishes ! Just wanted to share a few words on my daughter Jaden  I am so proud of her and hope she keeps up the great work she’s been doing  and what she loved doing .
Thank you so much.

Ms. Siobhan Bazinet



Dear My City Kitchen,
I am writing you to say thank you for having a tremendously positive and productive effect on my son Tahj. Since he started with you, he has been very excited to share his cooking class experiences, by letting us taste things he’s made in class and sharing the things he’s learned about the different foods and ingredients. Most of all, it is reassuring that Tahj has started cooking and more so willingly, eating healthier foods, on his own.
Please, keep doing, what you’re doing. Sincerely,
~Randy Nkonoki-Ward, Proud Parent

Kashia, it was great you should be so proud to see your hard work and dreams become reality. Some people approach things as a transaction, willing to do things only to expect to receive value in return, as I see it your only motive is to help discover, develop and inspire the abilities of children teaching them values of eating healthy delicious food.
~Ted, Meriden, CT

My son love MCK, he now wants a chef jacket to wear! He’s been hooked since the 1st class. Chef Kashia is an excellent teacher. Keep up the great work!

Ms. Davis
Just wanted to thank you for the Father/Daughter cooking class the other night. My Daughter and I had a lot of fun and she was real proud to have the rest of the family try the food she made. Thanks again
~David, Meriden, CT

On behalf of the Meriden Public Library, I would like to thank you for the delicious presentation you gave . Everyone raved about your food and how entertaining as well as informative your demonstration was. I have also been asked by staff members to share your recipes as they throughly enjoyed the samples. Thank You
~ Alexis B, Meriden Public Library

It is with extreme pleasure and pride to personally commend you for the superb performance on our recent VIP dinner. You have shown great pride and dedication in your work and it was indeed noticed by faculty, staff and most importantly, our guests . Thank You
~ Chef David P., CCI

Chef Kashia’s instincts, confidence and skill in the kitchen are to be admired. She has made a number of dishes that have left me truly impressed. I often wonder how on earth she makes it all look so effortless.
~DAWN R, Meriden, CT

Chef Kashia presented a cooking program, “Savory Caribbean Cuisine” she demonstrated cooking methods and served samples to a very appreciative crowd of 45. She was personable, informative, and organized. She involved the audience with her friendly and knowledgeable rapport, and even invited a member of the audience to assist in her demonstration. The audience loved her.
~ Carlene P, Lucy Robbins Welles Library

Thank you so much for baking our cake at such short notice, it was absolutely delicious, the grooms stawberry-chocolate cake was heavenly.
~ Dawn M, Meriden, CT