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  • Foodie Nation TV Segment in Trinidad & Tobago

    Date: 2016.11.03 | Category: Archives, Current Events, Videos | Response: 0

    Chef Kashia Cave featured on Trinidad and Tobago cooking show Foodie Nation with Italian Chef Ugo Mura of IFSE Culinary Institute located in Turin Italy.

    Foodie Nation 7th feature caught up with Chef Kashia Cave and Chef Ugo. Both chefs were in Trinidad to train local students on the finer points of preparing Italian cuisine. #SupportTheYouth  To subscribe to Foodie Nation click here:

  • Study Abroad Program to Italy

    Date: 2016.10.21 | Category: Press, Special Events, Videos | Response: 0

    Italian Food Style Education (IFSE) located in Turin, Italy in partnership with Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Tourism Institute, with the support of Chef Kashia created the Italian study abroad program. We are pleased to share the video of the first group of students externship. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

  • Chef Kashia featured in Aetna’s Black History Calendar

    Date: 2016.01.28 | Category: Photos, Press, Videos | Response: 0

    We are pleased to announced Chef Kashia Cave was selected in Aetna’s 35th African American Black History Calendar- The flavors of community: African Americans transforming lives through food,  features 12 kitchen savvy educators, restaurateurs’, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, authors, activists and celebrity personalities across the United States who are breaking down barriers and changing the food world. The calendar celebrates individuals for their professional accomplishments and commitment to improving our communities.

    Chef Kashia was accompanied by 3 of her students: Nicole Talavera, Tiera Burch and Alex Woodworth. Click on the link to watch the full video or visit Aetna’s website to view all the honorees at:

    Aetna’s Black History Calendar 2016



  • 60 Minutes Don’t fall victim to olive oil fraud

    Date: 2016.01.04 | Category: Press, Special Events, Videos | Response: 0

    Visit any American supermarket and you’ll likely find rows of golden-hued olive oils, many with picturesque labels declaring them Italian extra-virgin. But as 60 Minutes explores this week, Italy’s olive oil business has been corrupted by the Mafia, which is making big bucks tampering with Italian food products in ways that could affect American consumers. The Italians call it “Agromafia” and it’s estimated to be a $16-billion per year enterprise. One result: Much of the olive oil we import isn’t as pure as it seems.

    To watch the full television segment, please click on the link:

    My City Kitchen is proud to work directly with Enotre Oil Company, a support of our program owned by the Pollizzi family, producers of extra virgin olive oil located in Calabria. To purchase 100% pure extra virgin olive oil, please visit their website at:

    Award Israel12310682_553649434784647_7508924790253058280_n

Olio Extravergine di Oliva Enotre



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