Enotre Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We, at Enotre Extra Virgin Olive Oil are honored to be part of the My City Kitchen family, and Meriden community. As a small family-owned olive grove in the southern Italian region of Calabria, we are happy to introduce our olive oil. We take pride in our oil and we want to introduce the passion and quality to the US. We have been producing our oil since 1997, and we look forward to many more years! 

Enotre oil continues the ancient tradition of olive oil production of the Pollizzi family, respecting those unwritten laws that
are passed down from generation to generation on the cultivation of the olive tree. Understanding the principles and perfect synthesis between tradition an modernity, the Enotre oil is extracted with the most current methods of pressing, respecting the environment and without the use of any chemicals.

Thank you for supporting My City Kitchen and all the children that will benefit from this program. www.enotre.it

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